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K.K. Poole was born in Sydney, Australia in 1969. His father was a plastic surgeon and his mother, a nurse, which made it perhaps inevitable that he would eventually head into medicine. In 1971 the family moved to England, where his father worked in East Grinstead (a centre of excellence for plastic surgery due to McIndoe’s work there during World War Two with RAF pilot burns). In 1978, they moved again – to Oxford – where he attended Magdalen College School and St. John’s College, Oxford University. While at school, he was taught to row and carried this sport through into his University days, competing in three Boat Races against Cambridge.

He qualified as a doctor in 1996, doing house-jobs, and then did two years of research into Epilepsy epidemiology for a DM thesis. In 1999, he returned to Australia, coaching rowing for six months in Sydney. Since 2000, he has been working as a doctor in the Chichester area, training as a GP, and including a two year stint working at St. Richard’s Hospital.

In 2006, by way of an adventure, K.K. Poole and his family moved to New Zealand, where he worked in a rural GP surgery, nominally for the Maoris, although he treated everyone. They returned to Chichester in 2007 and he has worked in the area since then (apart from a year in Oxford from 2009-10). For the last four years he has been a GP in Selsey.

These life experiences have provided background inspiration to K.K. Poole’s three novels.

The Sudden Metropolis is set in the Boer War and the Australian goldmines; The Long White Cloud features Maori pioneers in the First World War, and Blade Warriors tells of surgeons working in World War Two. While these are the settings, and each book features elements of medicine, rowing, school and University, the real thread in each case is coming to terms with grief and loss.

This trilogy of books is the result of those efforts.

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