Blade Warriors

Early May 1944. A British SOE agent lands in a remote part of occupied France. His cover: the identity of a local doctor. His mission: aiding the Resistance against a notorious SS Division. As he changes places with the real Dr Xavier Bonnet, the young Frenchman stares into the face of his British impersonator and utters one word: “Unbelievable.”

Despite his father’s warning that, “When fate arrives, the physician becomes a fool,” Ed Hunston is determined to follow the family tradition and become a doctor. In 1936, a stroke of good fortune gains him entry into the hallowed cloisters of Oxford, where he befriends fellow medic, Tom Shaw. Six years later, with the country at war, and inspired by Tom’s injured fighter pilot brother, the newly qualified duo arrive in the town of East Grinstead to work under the famed plastic surgeon, Archibald McIndoe.

Then, one rainy afternoon, the reality of war hits Ed for the first time, and he is catapulted down a path he could never have expected to follow, a path that will test his father’s prophecy to its limits.

Blade Warriors tells of a close friendship and the acute pain of loss. It is an unflinching look at the extremes people will go to in order to quell their aching souls.

Above all, it is a story of vengeance.

“Memories weren’t enough though. They were just a cine-scope of the real thing – a lousy make-do. The real thing was irreplaceable.”

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