A rare honour – in a couple of consultations this week I was surprised to find patients carrying copies of ‘The Sudden Metropolis’. I found it moving that they had gone to the trouble of ordering it, reading it and that they liked it enough to ask for a signature.

Perhaps the quirkiest compliment of the last fortnight was a friend telling me that he couldn’t put the book down – and that he even read it in the bath!

Lots of people have been asking about the sequel, now that they have got to know the characters.  The final edits of ‘The Long White Cloud’ are complete and the Jan 26th 2018 publication date is still on track. I’m looking forward to seeing how the cover design will turn out: Steve Lawrance from GWL publishing is designing this – just as he did for ‘The Sudden Metropolis’. Seeing what Steve has conjured up this time is the Christmas present I’m most looking forward to.

I still work in ‘The Forum’ cafe, but also spend time in the Chichester Medical Education Centre library at St. Richard’s Hospital. It’s quiet and warm, and the dusty old BMJs and Lancets on the window sill near my booth make it seem like the right place to be writing books about a doctor from another era.

Now onto the final edit of the third book ‘Blade Warriors’…

Have a happy Christmas.

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