First few weeks…

I’m fascinated by the idea of people getting to know and like characters that I have invented. The characters are like old friends to me, and now it feels like they are being introduced to everyone else like guests at a dinner party.

When I wrote the book I had a simple equation in my mind: STORY=CHARACTERS, CHARACTERS=DIALOGUE. Dialogue allows a story to be told in an intimate way, differentiating it from a textbook which just lists off a series of facts. Inventing people and what they say is fun, probably a good sign for someone who wants to write.

I have been very encouraged by the Amazon reviews so far. One person told me they posted their review after reading the book on the Amazon (in a canoe)!

In the last few weeks, I have been busy with the last edit of the second book ‘The Long White Cloud’. That is now finished and will be published on 26th January 2018.


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