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After a short Christmas break I’ve been back at the editing, currently on a last read through of the third book in the series; “Blade Warriors” (release date 23rd March).
Over Christmas, quite a few more people have read “The Sudden Metropolis” with new reviews appearing on Amazon, including my first on the American Amazon Prime website, extract below:

“This compelling novel explores themes of personal grief, colonialism, racialism, and the battle between the cold rationalism of modernity and the deeper truths of spiritual traditions — all wrapped up in a drama that becomes a wild adventure…”

For me, the most moving feedback was from an old college friend, who, on reading about Freddie climbing the ‘bookstack’ said he remembered the real event inspiring that scene (it was actually a climb up the side of Lincoln College on Turl St in Oxford).

I also attach an image which inspired the last scene in the book, which should also have some meaning now that people have finished reading. It is of my youngest son on the sand dunes at Eucla, in January 2004.

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