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“The Long White Cloud” is out!

Yesterday evening I heard from my publisher that it was being released on the 25th – today – a day sooner than planned.

As with the publication of ‘The Sudden Metropolis’ I woke in the early hours this morning. It’s a strange feeling having a second book published, almost as if the process is becoming ‘normal’. I have to keep reminding myself that the writing of this was perhaps even harder than the first one – there was no sign of any publisher at the time and I was simply writing for its own sake, because I needed to do it.

I love the cover, designed by Steve Lawrance of GWL Publishing. The map details some of the places described in the book’s WW1 battle-scenes. Blood and mud about sums it up.

I very much hope that people enjoy ‘The Long White Cloud’ – essentially a sequel to ‘The Sudden Metropolis’. My aim was to round off John Hunston’s journey. I remember being on a train trip when I decided how the story would end. I was very excited, but had no-one to tell. Now I can tell everyone!

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