The Sudden Metropolis

Western Australia, 1900. A young British doctor arrives to work in the typhoid-ridden goldfields. Standing on the wharf in the sun’s glare, he already begins to doubt why he’s there.

Throughout most of their childhood, twins John and Freddie Hunston have been inseparable. Even when Freddie goes off to fight in the Boer War, John follows, taking a position in the Royal Army Medical Corps; his objective being to protect his brother. However, his protection can only go so far, and when Freddie dies, John’s sense of loss is matched only by his sense of failure. In an effort to fulfil Freddie’s dying wish, and lay some of his ghosts to rest, John travels to the Australian goldfields. Here, he makes new friends, with histories and troubles of their own. He also discovers that the road to absolution is punishing, when it is paved with regret and guilt… and that even from half a world away, grief has a long reach.

The Sudden Metropolis tells of man’s avarice, and one man’s atonement, in changing times and changing worlds…

Above all it is a story of hope.

“Perhaps our lives really were like a grand chess game being played out in the heavens.”


K. K. Poole - Author

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